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I am a botulism researcher. Following cases around the world. In addition, I lecture about the disease and its complications to employees in industry, fairs, agriculture, hotels, restaurants and hospitals.


I survived botulism and spent 314 days in the ICU, quadriplegic and paralyzed, on life support.


It is a lecture to raise awareness of the importance of following food safety standards. It is motivational and inspiring. I clarify the importance that all employees must have when wearing a mask, not having a beard, having their nails cut, not talking while producing food, etc., everything that the food quality manager recommends, but they often think it's nonsense. When we understand that 1 contaminated food can, in fact, lead to 1 person dying, we rethink and improve our own conduct.


Doralice goes


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International Botulism Lecture

R$ 15.600,00Preço
  • I survived foodborne botulism after eating 1 contaminated food. Knowing the story of a survivor raises awareness more than any course.

    The lecture on “The importance of following food safety standards with the incredible testimony of a survivor of Food Botulism, and how this can affect food production”.

    Awareness-raising and motivational lecture.

    I bring awareness with the experience I had in eating food contaminated by foodborne botulism. I'm talking about food contamination, the importance of good food practices, both in preparation, storage and handling, the guidance that should be given to consumers, civil responsibility and motivation/overcoming to move forward in the face of life's adversities.

    Target audience: employees in the food industry.

    The aim is to reach all direct or indirect workers of the company and service providers, nutritionists, and even managers. I'm talking about awareness, civil responsibility and the consequences that spoiled or contaminated food, forgotten on the shelf, can cause to the establishment or the employee. I have a postgraduate degree in civil law and there are responsibilities regarding the event.

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